Trick or Treat?

 You should definitely TREAT yourself to some AP24 whitening toothpaste and here’s why…

You may or may not have already seen or heard me raving about this amazing whitening toothpaste.  I have been using it for over a year and a half and refuse to use anything else.  When a good friend starting advertising it I was 100% skeptical.  Being in the dental field for over 14 years and knowing just about everything there is to know about whitening toothpastes and solutions, I really didn’t think it could produce the results that NuSkin claimed it could.  I was completely wrong!!

After researching every ingredient and cross referencing those ingredients with every toothpaste we carried in my dental office, I felt confident it was safe and decided to give it a try.

AP24 toothpaste tube

Being that I worked in the dental field, my teeth were already pretty white.  I started using the paste twice daily and noticed a difference in brightness after only a few days.  Needless to say, I was shocked and hooked.  I loved that my teeth were whiter but what I loved the most was how clean my teeth felt.  They felt “fresh from the dentist” clean all day!  Seriously, even after eating they still felt squeaky clean.

After using the paste for about a month and seeing the results that Gary and Nash got as well, I decided this product was something that I could stand behind and felt comfortable attaching my name to.  I joined the NuSkin company as a distributor and starting sharing this paste with my friends and family on social media.  I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback, which further proved that this product is the real deal!

If you haven’t ever heard of this paste, I’m sure you are wondering what the “AP24” stands for.  Well, it stands for Anti Plaque within 24 hours and that’s exactly what it does.  This paste removes plaque within 24 hours and keeps it away as long as you continue to use it.  It also contains fluoride which aids in cavity prevention and helps resolve sensitivity in teeth.


Below you will find the AP24 Product Information sheet that lists all the benefits and ingredients about the product.  It also answers frequently asked questions you may have.

I also wanted to share a few Before and After photos of clients who have used this paste so you can see the results for yourself.




If you have been looking for a product to brighten your teeth without causing sensitivity, then this is a product you must try!  Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in trying AP24 or if have any questions about the product.  You can also purchase directly from or contact me.  I always have some on hand and would be happy to mail.


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