To Blog or not to Blog…

Starting a blog has been something I have considered for over a year now.  As a busy mom and wife, I have gone back and forth worrying if I had time to actually do it.   

I have worked as a Dental Assistant II for the past 14 years.  People often get a Dental Assistant confused with a Dental Hygienist.  Dental Assistants don’t clean teeth, Hygienist do.  Assistants aid the Dentist with multiple different procedures-fillings, crowns, veneers, extractions and implants just to name a few.   Although we only work about 32 hours a week, it is a very high pace work flow and is extremely stressful at times.   

          I would have to say that I exhibit lots of “Type A” personality traits.  Not all of them!  I’m not competitive with others more just with myself.  So I wanted to start this blog as a way to focus on the little things.  To take time and actually enjoy being in the moment and not rushing to get to the next thing.  I’m certain this will take some time for me to get use to but you have to start somewhere, right?


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