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I visited The Museum Spa & Laser Center today for micro peel and dermaplaning procedures and want to share the experience with you all!!   When I turned forty earlier this year, I decided that feeling comfortable in my own skin was going to be a new priority for me.  At a very young age I started wearing makeup and rarely to this day, leave home without it.  I remember sneaking one of those tiny Avon lipstick samples to school on picture day in the third grade.  That was fun to explain when those pictures came home.  Anyway, my acne prone skin is one of my biggest insecurities, so I have always relied on makeup to mask the issue.  That, plus most of us Southern girls were taught to never leave home without putting your “face on” and it’s ingrained in me.

Another confession… I’m a “picker”.  Acne has been an issue for me since I was a tween and that is when I started picking.  I haven’t been able to kick the habit and those 10x magnifying mirrors do not help, lol.  Also, my skin is sensitive.  I don’t tolerate the heavy-duty acne topicals or harsh cleansers very well.  Most of the ones I have tried made my face scaly and irritated, so I stopped using them after only a few days.  I have used high end facial cleansing products, moisturizers and make up for over 15 years and that has helped, but not completely stopped my breakouts.  Not to mention that for most of my life my skin has been super oily.


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With that being said, I decided that I needed to see an aesthetician instead of a dermatologist to get my breakouts under control and in return hopefully stop picking at my face.  After doing a little research I decided that a micro peel (due to my sensitive skin) in combination with dermaplaning was where I wanted to start.  Once, I figured out the treatments I wanted, I started researching spas.  The Museum Spa and Laser Center had excellent reviews (I’m also a habitual review reader), so I scheduled my treatments with them right away.  I purchased a package of three micro peels with dermaplaning and I had my first treatments done today.


BEFORE (with makeup of course)

Before Micropeel & Dermaplaning


An hour after treatment (no makeup).  I can’t even believe I’m sharing a “no makeup” picture on the internet, but here it is.

After Micropeel & Dermaplaning


Both procedures were completely painless and only took an hour to complete.  It was very relaxing and my skin feels amazing.

You can visit each of these links (micro peel | dermaplaning) if you have never heard of these procedures or would like more information.

The Museum Spa & Laser Center practices state-of-the-art anti-aging techniques and offer other procedures such as Ultherapy, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, microneedling, microdermabrasion, skin resurfacing, eyelash extensions and much more.  Everyone in the office is top notch and provides superior expertise in their field.

My appointment today was with Joanne.  She did an excellent job explaining each procedure she was performing and is extremely knowledgeable is every aspect of her profession.  Joanne also gave me recommendations for in home products that are best suitable for my skin and you know the product junkie in me had to have them!


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ZO Skin Health


Not only do they carry ZO Skin Health products, they also carry my favorite moisturizer, Elta MD and more.


Elta MD


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Baby Foot foot peel


The Museum Spa & Laser Center has incredible promotions going on for the holidays.  Go ahead and treat yourself!! You can find them here.

Email or call to schedule your complimentary consultation today!


(I will be sure to get more photos at my next treatment so I can show you the whole process beginning to end)


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