Amazon Favorites | October

Yay for lazy Sunday!!  It has been raining here in Raleigh all day and we have taken advantage of the opportunity to chill.  I did want to share a few of my recent Amazon purchases that I am loving and I know you will also!



Favorite October Amazon purchases



YETI SideKick Dry Pouch– I just purchased this for Gary for his birthday.  It features a strong magnetic closure to make it 100% waterproof.  Perfect storage for you cell phone, wallet and anything else you want to keep dry.  It easily attaches to the YETI Hopper cooler.




Cable Holders– These cable holders make organizing all the device cords a breeze.  We have them on the sides of our night stands and they are fabulous.


Colorful Cord Organizer


Portable Bleacher Seat– I purchased these for us to take to Nash’s swim meets.  Sitting on bleachers all day isn’t comfortable but these chairs make it much better.  You can carry them like a backpack, they recline and have armrests.  Highly recommend!!



Magnetic Phone Car Mount– This two pack is only $12 and so easy to use!  Just place the included magnetic disc on the back of your cell phone and the other piece goes into an air vent.  This gadget makes it possible for everyone to be hands free while driving.




Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil– This amazing product now comes in a 16 oz size.  If you are doing Keto or low carb, then this is a must try!  I use it everyday in my protein shakes and on salads.  If you would prefer a smaller size to try it out, they now have a 3 oz size for $7.45!!  You can find it here.



Herbivore DETOX Soaking Salts– These soaking salts are wonderful!  They contain a blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils along with highly detoxifying cambrian blue clay.  You can enjoy a relaxing bath while detoxifying your body.  It’s a win win.



Quirky Pivot Power Jr– The “new age” power strip!  This gadget has 4 pivoting outlets and is able to accommodate plugs and chunky adapters of all shapes and sizes.  It’s compact, easily portable and comes in multiple fun colors.


Ninja Air Fryer– If you don’t already have an Air Fryer, then you need one ASAP!!  Unlike the pressure cooker (I was a huge failure with that), this has been the best meal prep addition we have ever purchased!  Gary uses it more than I do and he loves it.  The homemade french fries are Five Guys level and it doesn’t leave that horrible fried food smell in your house.


Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat– I try to clean my makeup brushes every couple of weeks and this silicone mat makes it easier and quicker.  Also, it definitely gets my brushes cleaner.  Just place the mat in your sink and rub your makeup brushes over the different areas to remove any leftover makeup.  It’s under $5 and comes in different shapes and colors.


Color Removal Sponge– If you use the same brushes for different color eyeshadows or bronzing, then this sponge will be life changing for you.  You simply run the brush across the sponge a few times and it removes the remaining makeup from the brush.  Both sides of the sponge can be used and it’s washable and reusable.




Storage Bins– I have become the Queen of organizing since we started the kitchen cabinet redo.  I now have these bins in the refrigerator, the pantry and under the kitchen sink and I’m not done.  I have the small size in the refrigerator for Gogurts and String Cheese, the medium size in the pantry for Granola Bars and other various snacks and x-large size under the kitchen sink for cleaning products.




SugarBearHair Vitamins– These vegetarian, cruelty free gummy vitamins are perfect for aiding in hair growth and improving hair strength.  They are packed with essential vitamins for hair growth and are gluten and gelatin free.


SugarBearHair Vitamins


Ultralight Outdoor Portable Chair– I can’t express how much I LOVE these outdoor chairs!!  We purchased them for Nash’s soccer games and they are super comfy!  The ones we had before (a different type) made my back hurt and were hard to carry.  They may look small but they are mighty and are stored in the small bag that you see on the front of the chair in this picture.  They can be used for camping, sports events, the beach or just hanging in the driveway with friends (we do that a lot, lol).  They are a must have!!




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