All the Smiles

This picture makes me so happy!!  We are all so HAPPY!!  After 14 years in Dentistry I decided it was time for a break!  A much needed break.  Life has been very busy lately and I felt I was being pulled in so many different directions.  I needed more flexibility in my life and more time with Gary and Nash.  So as a family, we decided it would be best for me to take a break from the 8-5 and focus on myself and our family and I couldn’t be happier.

Now I can take Nash to school, pick him up from school and no forced summer camps!  He can attend a camp that he is excited about and interested in.  That is why he has that HUGE smile on his face!! He was counting down the days until I was done! I am excited to be able to prepare a meal for my family in the evening without feeling so rushed that completely mess it up, lol.  I look forward to having more patience with Nash when something isn’t going his way, which is often.  I also have lots of projects to complete around the house that I have been putting off for a very long time.  I will keep you all up to date on how all that is going.  I am ready for this new adventure.  Wish me luck!



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